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I am a father, brother, and son. Yet, that does not begin to define who I am. I am a speaker, trainer, mentor, and friend. Yet, I am not defined by what I do. I am a thinker, a skeptic, and a follower of Christ. Yet, I am not defining who I will become. I am simply doing my best to honor God and help others do the same.

God is Listening

On April 28, 2017 the Judicial Council of the United Methodist Church ruled the consecration of Bishop Karen Oliveto (a married and openly lesbian pastor) violates the clear language of the Book of Discipline (a book outlining the doctrines of … Continue reading

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A Restored Hope

I wish everything in life worked according to plan. I believe God wants you to enjoy life; to experience all the blessings this life has to offer. Sometimes it feels like your life is falling apart.

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Ten Commandments Remix

God spoke these words: Look! I’m your God! I’m the one who set your free from the bonds that enslaved you. Don’t shackle yourself again by returning to your old way of life, placing inanimate objects or ideals in my … Continue reading

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The Line in the Sand

These are uncertain times. Christians all over are wondering what God is up to. It’s obvious our world is filled with turmoil and unrest. We see news clip after news clip telling us all is not right in this world. … Continue reading

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Here is a poem I wrote some time ago. I thought it fitting at this moment; when hope is stretched, and darkness overtakes us. Where is the hope? Children are dying. The Earth trembles and quakes; children are crying. Weeping … Continue reading

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Do You Know Who You Are?

One of the more neglected topics openly discussed in the church is human sexuality. Throughout history the church has held a less-than-favorable view of sex and sexuality. More recently the church has begun accepting a healthier understanding of sex, albeit … Continue reading

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I have served on staff in United Methodist Churches since 1996 in children’s ministry, youth ministry, and young adult ministry. More recently I have been serving as a pastor. That is, until I went to my bishop to reveal I … Continue reading

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What if?

I created this video awhile ago. I’m posting it here for you to interact with. What if you really did love God with every part of our being? What if you really did love others the way God wants you … Continue reading

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Lost In the Church

I never really felt like I fit in at church. Even as a pastor I continued to experience a disconnect. Don’t get me wrong. The disconnect I felt wasn’t between God and me, although there have been plenty times I … Continue reading

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A Life-Impacting Encounter

Here is another excerpt from the book I’m working on titled Wide Open: a journey of faith through pain, oppression, brokenness and hope. For most of my life I lived within a Christian sub-culture intent on controlling my behavior. I was continually reminded by … Continue reading

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