About Wide Open


Wide Open promotes the health and spiritual well-being of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, and questioning persons through support, education, and spiritual formation.


To provide a safe place for LGBTQ people and their allies to share their stories and connect as a community of support and acceptance.


Welcome! Thank you for your interest in Wide Open. We look forward to interacting with you here.

We  want to hear from you, and we welcome your comments. We encourage you to add to the conversation by sharing your story.

To ensure we maintain a safe place for all our fans, we ask that you keep your comments relevant to the original post. We also ask that you do not post defamatory statements, use abusive or offensive language, or personally attack anyone in your comments. Users who repeatedly abuse these policies will be removed from the page.


2 Responses to About Wide Open

  1. The Way of Simplicity says:

    Hi Tony,

    My name is Miguel Carpizo, I serve the UMC as a Local Pastor for 9 years and I have dedicated my life to Christ almost half of my life, that was until I came out and the church very politely opened the doors for me to leave. Since then my relationship with Christ, God, and the church was totally broken and I really tried to run away from it, but once in a while I feel the need to come back. I am now working as a community organizer for an interfaith-non profit in Alabama, still without a church family, and still seeking. May be we can connect and talk a little more about it.

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