God is Listening

On April 28, 2017 the Judicial Council of the United Methodist Church ruled the consecration of Bishop Karen Oliveto (a married and openly lesbian pastor) violates the clear language of the Book of Discipline (a book outlining the doctrines of the United Methodist Church) a “self-avowed, practicing homosexual” shall not be ordained in the United Methodist Church.
Countless pastors within the United Methodist denomination suffer silently from the discriminating practices of the denomination they have dedicated their lives to serve out of love for God. Many other pastors have been removed from positions of leadership and the pastorate because they openly admitted to being queer.
The United Methodist Church is undoubtedly at a crossroads. While the Judicial Council ruled the consecration of Bishop Oliveto violates the language of the Book of Discipline, the council did not rule Bishop Oliveto be removed from episcopacy. For now, Bishop Oliveto will serve as Bishop in the Western Jurisdiction of the United Methodist Church.
Although the discussion of the Judicial Council can be viewed as a small victory for LGBTQ equality in the United Methodist Church, queer pastors and congregants continue to suffer under the guise of biblical obedience. There is hope for the LGBTQ community. The psalmist wrote, “[God] will listen to the prayers of the destitute. [God] will not reject their pleas” (Psalm 102:17, NLT).
As the United Methodist Annual Conference season approaches join me in prayer for all United Methodist, queer and otherwise. May the love of God infest the United Methodist Church.


About Tony Clyde

I am a father, brother, and son. Yet, that does not begin to define who I am. I am a speaker, trainer, mentor, and friend. Yet, I am not defined by what I do. I am a thinker, a skeptic, and a follower of Christ. Yet, I am not defining who I will become. I am simply doing my best to honor God and help others do the same.
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