Here is a poem I wrote some time ago. I thought it fitting at this moment; when hope is stretched, and darkness overtakes us.

Where is the hope? Children are dying.
The Earth trembles and quakes; children are crying.
Weeping and groaning we cry out, “Lord, why?”
Loss and pain…overwhelming! How can we get by?
Where are you in this darkness? What’s left for us now?

Secure in prosperity; people suffer in vain.
Our churches filled with comfort; those outside remain.
Starvation runs rampant, we turn life into a game.
God forgive our arrogance. Don’t treat us the same.
We’ve created the façade of control, yet life is so uncertain.

Where is the passion to worship and obey?
Where is the love for our neighbor today?
We talk a lot about what you have to say,
But when it comes to living we throw it all away.
I know I’m no different than anyone else, I just wish it wasn’t true.

Everywhere I turn mediocrity is what I see.
People vaguely worship the God who set them free.
We should be flat on the floor our faces buried deep
In the ground before our Lord our souls begin to weep.
Lord, forgive my arrogant, passionless life and change my heart.

I cry with you when children die,
When you groan and weep and don’t know why.
Your pain is overwhelming, I will get you by.
Allow yourself to trust in me.
Let those outside your walls be free.
Your arrogance is fading, come to me on bended knee.
Passion for me I will give to you.
Your love for others will come true.
Life becomes your witness not the things you say you’ll do.
I want to be your Father.
I want to be your Friend,
To be the One you truly love,
To have a friendship with no end.
But you have to open yourself to me.
You have to allow me to set you free.
If you hold on to all you have, you show that’s all you need.



About Tony Clyde

I am a father, brother, and son. Yet, that does not begin to define who I am. I am a speaker, trainer, mentor, and friend. Yet, I am not defined by what I do. I am a thinker, a skeptic, and a follower of Christ. Yet, I am not defining who I will become. I am simply doing my best to honor God and help others do the same.
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