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Hospitality Is Not a Virtue

I recently participated in a LGBTQ Pride meeting. I was invited by the president of the group to be a pastoral presence for anyone who might want spiritual guidance. Other than my new friend I didn’t know anyone at the … Continue reading

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Before You Launch a Mid-week Children’s Program

I was new to ministry, and zealous to make a difference. I decided to start a mid-week after school program for children. My plan was to pick up 1st through 4th grade children after school in our church van and … Continue reading

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Captured by the Love of God

Here is an excerpt from the book I’m working on. The book title is Wide Open: a journey of faith through pain, oppression, brokenness and hope.   I have difficulty settling down. I grew up in an active family. It seemed like … Continue reading

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A Call to Reconciliation

Underestimated! When Samuel went to anoint a new king over Israel David was underestimated (1 Samuel 16:1-13). David wasn’t invited to the sacrificial ceremony, even though his father and brothers were. There is no indication in this passage that anyone … Continue reading

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The Cross

It stands alone in obscurity. Seen yet not really noticed. One by one we pass by While the Cross calls simply, “Come!” Come to the foot of the Cross. Bow at the foot of the Cross. Lay at the foot … Continue reading

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